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Rent a car Sibiu � Autorent Car Hire Sibiu Services

rent a car Sibiu If you plan to visit Sibiu for either leisure or business, make sure to rent a car from Autorent�s Rent a Car Sibiu department. This gives you the best of both worlds: you will discover a great city and you will drive a great vehicle. Autorent offers the top quality cars from some of the world�s top quality car makers, such as Chevrolet and Opel. In addition to this, our vehicle fleet is updated every year, so if you choose to rent a car in Sibiu, you will get to drive one of the best, newest cars available on the market.

While we offer great vehicles and services that complement them perfectly, due to our business philosophy and respect for our clients we manage to do this at very reasonable prices. And unlike other companies, we don�t have any hidden fees, so you will know how much you have to pay for your car rental from the very beginning.

Choose one of the cars offered by Autorent Rent a Car Sibiu and you are going to get much more than just a car: you will also get access to our friendly team of experienced professionals who will be more than willing to offer free advice, helping you choose the car that best fits your needs or answer your questions day and night, each and every day of the year.

We want to make sure that our clients are happy with all the aspects of our car rental offer, so we use an advanced online reservation application which can verify if the desired car is available in only a few seconds. Since we use the same data security systems that are utilized by the top banks in world, you can rest assured that your personal information and transactions info is kept secure at all times, no matter if you are using a VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS credit card.

But what happens if you plan to arrive in Bucharest, Romania using the Henri Coanda Airport, the largest airport in Romania? Fortunately, we�ve got an office in there as well, inside our dedicated �rent a car� airport area. Once again, the parking area is just a minute away from the airport.

All our offices use modern technology, so any of the VISA, MASTERCARD and AMERICAN EXPRESS credit cards are accepted without problems.

Why you should choose Autorent Rent a Car Sibiu
- We have some of the lowest rates in the industry and (unlike our competitors) we provide great cars that turn driving into what it was always supposed to be � an enjoyable experience. Autorent�s extensive fleet includes most models produced by Chevrolet and Opel;
- Our state of the art booking system allows you to get instant quotes and reserve your favorite car online, in only a few minutes;
- Due to our experienced agents, we offer full support, advice and training for free. If you've got a problem (even if you need a replacement vehicle) we will be happy to meet your needs;
- We offer optional insurance packages, as well as other accessories that might be of help, such as snow tires, etc.
- Autorent is a top company in the car rental industry, and you can rest assured that Autorent Rent a Car Sibiu shares the same quality standards with Autorent.com, the parent company.

Why Autorent Rent a Car Sibiu loves this city Sibiu is organized on two distinct zones:
- The Upper Town, which contains many of the old, restored buildings. The Upper Town used to be the residence of the wealthy, as well as the commercial center of the city.
- The Lower Town, which contains many great looking houses, which used to serve as manufacturing places.

Some of the best tourist attractions include the Great Square, the Steps Passage, which connects the Upper Town with the Lower Town, the Bridge of Lies, as well as the Goldsmiths' square. If you consider visiting Sibiu, make sure to reserve a car from Autorent Rent a Car Sibiu.

If you have an emergency and need immediate assistance, don't email us.
Call NOW: +40740002000
Customer service agents are on call 24x7 to assist you.

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    Rent a car, van or suv in Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara and Sibiu with Autorent - Thrifty.ro Car Rental. Car hire in Romania have never been easier! We offer a 10% Discount for prepaid car rental online reservation.

    Bucharest Car Rental - Autorent - Thrifty.ro Car Rental has several locations available for car hire and van or suv rental. Airport rent a car with THRIFTY.ro available is in the Henri Coanda Airport, Baneasa Airport, Cluj Airport, Sibiu Airport and Timisoara Airport.

    Book online for cheap car rentals in Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara and Sibiu. Economy car rentals can now be done with Autorent - THRIFTY.ro Car Rental in Romania, countrywide.

    Now you can rent a car in Bucharest or rent a car in Brasov at our best rates online – guaranteed! Our rent a car fleet provides manual or automatic vehicles at very low rates. Book now and save money with Thrift.ro Car Rental in Bucharest, Cluj, Timisoara and Sibiu.
    Our rent a car fleet provides manual or automatic vehicles at very low rates. Book and save with Autorent - Thrifty.ro Romania.

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