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Rent a car Romania � Autorent car rental Romania services

rent a car romania Anyone that is interested in Rent a car Romania services knows that the car rental business has practically exploded in Europe over the last few years, because the quality of the rental vehicles has increased a lot, while their rental price has diminished due to the fierce competition among the big players in the industry.

This makes the idea of renting a car in Romania very attractive, no matter if you are interested in visiting our country for its great touristic attractions or for business-related purposes. And please rest assured that you will benefit from top quality services when you rent a car from Autorent, because our mother company � Autorent � has implemented the same systems it uses in the United States here, in Romania, including its advanced, 100% safe, instant online reservation program.

Our offer includes all the top Chevrolet and Opel models; in addition to this, since the fleet is renewed each and every year, our customers get access to brand new, modern vehicles as they are being released.

Rent a car Romania � key things to remember Let�s start with an obvious tip: any Rent a car Romania agent will tell you to take a copy of the car rental agreement with you; having quick access to the contract number, the vehicle number of the rented car, the amount of miles, the date, time and location of pick-up and return is essential.

Here�s another important tip: read the rental agreement document thoroughly; most car rental providers in Romania have similar sets of common sense rules, not allowing you to use the rented car as a taxi, or to participate with it in a competition, and so on. And while we are here, check what are the terms and fees when it comes to additional drivers in case that you might need one; generally, you will be able to add one or more extra drivers for a small fee.

Also, make sure to keep a copy of the vehicle inspection document handy; it�s the paper that documents all the scratches and other damage that has been done to the car in the past. It is very important to compare the listed damages (if any) with the actual condition of the car; this way, you won�t have to pay for the damage that was done to the car due to the actions of another person.

Are you going to rent a car in Romania for yourself, or do you plan to visit our country with your entire family or maybe with some of your business associates? If you have got a lot of luggage, you will discover that renting a car with a large trunk is crucial.

Will you need a special seat for your baby? How many miles do you plan to drive on a daily basis? Are you going to need an extra key, in case that you tend to lock yourself out from time to time? Will you need a car with a manual or with an automatic gear box? You should know the answers to these questions before contacting the Romanian car renting company. And if you aren�t sure about a specific thing, for example the exact rates and / or certain contract terms, feel free to contact the car rental business by phone or by email; its friendly agents will be more than happy to help you.

We know that you will have a great time in Romania driving a great car; what should you do when it�s time to return to your country? First of all, be sure to return the car at the proper location and on time; otherwise, you will have to pay the late return fees. Also, the gas tank should be filled; failing to do that will cost you more than what you would have to pay for the gas price at the pump.

Rent a car Romania � tips to help you save money The car rental prices offered by Autorent Romania are very affordable and our website is running various promotions on a regular basis, especially if you rent a car in advance and you pay online for it. Nevertheless, sometimes you can save even more money by doing a few simple things, like checking if your own vehicle insurance package covers rental cars or not.

Another idea is to check if at least one of the credit cards that you are using includes coverage for rental cars; some of these cards can cover the costs in the event that the rental car that you are driving is damaged. Just by doing this you might get a discounted insurance policy from the chosen rental company, even if you opt for an all-inclusive package.

No matter what decision you take, ensure that the policy you end up with offers full protection in case that the car you�ve rented is involved in an accident. And if you liked Autorent Romania, be sure to use it whenever you plan to visit Romania.

Thank you for visiting Rent a car Romania; choose the �Reservations� option from the menu at the top of this page to browse our offer and book a car in advance, thus getting a significant discount.

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    Our rent a car fleet provides manual or automatic vehicles at very low rates. Book and save with Autorent - Thrifty.ro Romania.

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